(voiced by Bobby Moynihan)
Albert’s a sweet, enthusiastic, and confident Christmas tree who just wants to spread Christmas cheer all over the world! Though he’s always been the little guy in Earth Mama’s nursery, he’s got big plans. His determination and Christmas spirit set him on a path to Empire City, where he hopes to live out his dream and become The Empire City Christmas Tree. He might get held up by some plants on the naughty list along the way, but as long as he’s got his Christmas cheer and a little help from his pals, nothing can stop him from achieving his dream.


MAISIE (voiced by Sasheer Zamata)
You might ask, “What’s a palm tree doing on a Christmas adventure?” But, Maisie’s no ordinary palm tree! Forever cheerful and always positive, Maisie is Albert’s best friend, and does her best to keep his spirits up throughout their journey to the big city. Whenever his light strings get in a bunch, Maisie’s there to untangle the mess. But will this warm-weather palm stack up to the big city cold? With Albert’s unstoppable Christmas spirit, anything’s possible.


GENE (voiced by Judah Friedlander)
It’s tough to get around when you’re a plant…Unless you’re a weed like Gene. He can get from pot to pot, no problem. He’s out to prove weeds can be just as valuable as plants. Sure, he’s a wise guy who can be frank at times, but he’s firmly rooted in this friendship, and he’s always there for Albert when it counts.


CACTUS PETE (voiced by Rob Riggle)
Tough and prickly in more ways than one, Cactus Pete isn’t afraid to shoot his spikes to get his way. When the weather’s sunny, he’s the plant to be, but once Christmas rolls around and people trade cacti for Christmas trees, he gets even pricklier than usual. He’s not too fond of Christmas, and he’ll do anything to stop Albert from getting to Empire City.


MOLLY (voiced by Breanna Yde)
Cute, sweet Molly is Earth Mama’s granddaughter. She’s only eight, but is wise beyond her years. She and Albert have a special connection because they’re both small.


EARTH MAMA (voiced by Mary Pat Gleason)
The owner and caretaker of the nursery where Albert and his friends live.


DONNY (voiced by John DiMaggio)
Molly’s father. Donny is a truck driver who transports plants from Earth Mama’s to Empire City. This year, he’s allowing Molly to join him on the trip.




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